About Us

Our vision is to create harmonious living spaces where you can transform, connect, and align to the true expressions of yourSELF.

At zenotica, we offer our expertise combined with time-proven wisdom and methods utilizing BTB Feng ShuiSpace ClearingMarconic Energy HealingBach Flower TherapyAromatherapy, and cystals.

Our passion for harmony, beauty, and wellness is the inspiration and driving force of zenotica. We provide guidance, support, and practical tools for empowerment, balance, and wholesome well-being for home and business owners, individuals, children, families, and their pets. Through our work, we have witnessed subtle yet profound shifts people experience when they commit to put their needs first in-line.

Connect with us and let us assist you in creating a harmonious space where more peace, love, health, and abundance can thrive in your life.

In Light,