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Feng Shui

Consultations in-person, via phone, and Skype

Learn how to align yourself with purpose and set the stage that supports your needs and those whom you love with Feng Shui.

Discover how specific areas of your home (or office) are contributing to your relationships, family dynamics, career advances, health issues, financial challenges, or overall well-being and how you can improve the quality of your life by re-adjusting the energy of your space.

Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is an ancient design system based on the flow of energy through the environment, the home, or business. The purpose of Feng Shui is to create living spaces that are balanced with the healing forces of nature, and simultaneously sustaining and nurturing those who occupy them.

When is a great time for Feng Shui?

  • When you’re seeking to create a healing environment for self-love and self-care
  • When you’re in a relationship, career, family, or health transition
  • When you’re moving into a new home or office
  • When you’re ready to reclaim your space
  • When you’re ready to welcome new beginnings into your life

By learning to evaluate the vibrational patterns of the environment, we assist you in tapping into a new approach to understanding, working, and balancing energy flow in your space.

In-person consultations currently available in Houston, Austin and surrounding areas.

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Shift your space and cultivate stability, peace, healing, and prosperity in your life.

“Although I had been familiar for Feng shui and practiced simple principles, I was moved by the breadth and extent of Patsy’s greater understanding and application of precise “cures” to the significant challenges I was at the time facing.
I firmly believe that her wisdom and practical tasks began the chain of powerful and rapid transformation that led me to sell my home, separate from an unhealthy marriage and move my children to a new state where our lives began to thrive.”
~ Adora Winquist, ADORAtherapy Founder & Chief Mood Booster

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Therapy

A holistic approach to treatment.

Bach Flower Remedies treat the current emotional state of an individual by improving his or her emotional balance in a gentle way.

Originally formulated by Dr. Edward Bach, the essences are extracted from flowers, trees, and other plants. Simply put, Bach Flower Remedies concentrate on the vibrational energy of the plant, in recognition of the strong connection between emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

The essences are unique. They do not treat disease, but rather, heal the Personality at the center of the disease. In other words, the Bach Flowers act as a form of a stimulus, reconnecting Soul qualities with the Personality at the point where it was interrupted. Once connection has been regained, the Soul is able to communicate to the Personality aspect again. Healing returns to the area where disharmony and blockages had taken over.

Bach Flower Remedies are completely safe for anyone to use, including children, pregnant women, pets, and plants. They are pure, non-toxic, non-habit-forming, simple, yet highly-effective. Treatment with Bach Flowers can be combined with other homeopathic or conventional treatments.


  • Dr. Edward Bach, 2005, The Essential Writings of Dr. Edward Bach: The Twelve Healers and Heal Thyself
  • Yeo Soo Hwa, 2005, Healing the Family with Bach Flower Essences
  • Mechthild Scheffer, 2001, The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy

“To understand the essences is to understand ourselves and to begin a process of self-discovery, of learning how to restore and empower true health in every way.” ~ Yeo Soo Hwa, M.Sc. and Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner.



Bach Therapy for People

Bach Therapy for Pets

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Marconic Energy Healing

Marconic Energy Healing

In-person and remote sessions available

Upgrade Your Energy!

Marconic Energy creates an opportunity for you to merge with higher aspects of Self – essential for the Ascension as we evolve within and beyond the vibration of the 5th dimension. Marconic Energy is a full spectrum, multidimensional healing modality.

Marconics enables you to:

  • Communicate with your DNA
  • Discover your Life’s Purpose
  • Align with your Higher Mission
  • Awaken your Intuition
  • Release Self-limiting Imprints
  • Reclaim Hidden Talents & Skills

As we move forward in the Shift, our human bodies are being upgraded to cope with Higher Dimensional Light Frequencies. Marconic Energy carries for Ascension Frequency of 144,000. It holds the 13th code which is a DNA Activation bringing us into alignment with our Soul Level Identities.

Performed in the morphogenetic field, Marconic Energy instantaneously connects the Axi-A-tonal lines (think of these as the Meridians of the Light/Energy Body) to the Universal Matrix as you are activated to expand your genetics in a re-evolution of the true lightbody opening your pathways from a finite to an infinite quantum state.

Your etheric and physical bodies are being re-tuned, re-structured and re-calibrated to survive and thrive in those higher dimensions.

Marconics is the Evolution of Energy Healing.

meet your higher SELF.


MARCONIC ‘NO-TOUCH’ PROTOCOL ​– 1-hr performed in your Energy Field (hands off)

This Evolution of Energy Healing can be performed as an on-going treatment. Your vibrational frequency is raised so high as Marconic Energy is run through selected points on the body’s own Axiatonal system that profound spontaneous healing on all levels of the multi-dimensional body may occur.

The goal of a ‘No-Touch’ session is to raise your frequency so high that you have an opportunity to connect into your 8th Chakra aspect of Higher Self.

MARCONIC RECALIBRATIONS ​– Two 1 hour appointments.
Sessions must be done in person over 2 consecutive days. Performed in your energy field (hands off)

A one-time procedure that permanently plugs you back into the Universal Matrix as the activation of your new Quantum Merkaba which powers your ability to travel, expanding your awareness and enabling you to create your new reality.

This connection will enable you to feed your new field indefinitely as you strengthen the grids in the re-evolved time matrices which in turn feed your merkaba, creating a positive healing spiral through the bandwidths of dimensional realities.

Once Recalibrated, you become a Negative Ionic Generator, you don’t ever power down, you sustain your higher vibrational frequency and continue to go higher. This enables you to continue to drop density as we move forward on the cresting waves of Ascension – into the Fifth Dimension and beyond.

  • Experience Sovereign Integration
  • Activate the Multidimensional Holographic Body, Spiritual DNA, the Pineal Hyper-dimensional Gateway, and the Lightbody Quantum Merkaba.
  • “Uncap” the Chakras for the New Galactic Chakra System.
  • Connect back to Source at the Galactic Core

Accelerate your evolutionary process.


‘As your Marconics Certified Practitioner, I serve as the bridge to your higher vibrational frequency.’ ~ Patsy Balacchi, Certified Marconic Practitioner

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space clearing ceremonies

Space Clearing

Space Clearing is an integral and vital healing practice for welcoming new beginnings and assisting you during significant life transitions. It is an ancient sacred technique to clean the environment, people, and pets from negative or lower energies. It is also considered an excellent practice before moving into a new home or business, launching a new project, or celebrating the birth of a baby.

Space clearing is also another method for blessing your home or business. It is very useful for releasing blockages and transmuting energy to welcome peace, harmony, and prosperity back into your life.

On-Site Space Clearing sessions and blessing ceremonies available in Houston metropolitan area.

Please allow 2 hours of uninterrupted time for your session.

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“When Patsy cleared the energy in my apartment, it was a very therapeutic assistance that helped me through a most difficult time.” ~ Sheila Elias Taplin

Aromatherapy, Stones & Crystals

We are so excited to carry this wonderful intentional jewelry designed by Siendo.

Each stone and crystal in Siendo’s collection has been mindfully selected to synchronize with a special blend of essential oils; a formulation that creates a magical synergy.  By magnetizing, wearing and taking care of the stones, one creates the potential for the stones to connect to the mineral component within the Self, thereby generating harmony and stability in the body.

This dynamic couple of nature—stones and essential oils—aids in the ongoing challenge of balancing the forces of our polarities and inner struggles.

A deep connection between Mother Earth and the physical body helps us feel safe and secure in our own bodies and on our planet. This is the reason why Siendo pairs essential oils with the ancestral and mystical powers of stones.

connect . wear . magnetize 
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