Aromatherapy & Crystals

energy balancing with aromatherapy and crystals

Aromatherapy, Stones & Crystals

We are so excited to carry this wonderful intentional jewelry designed by Siendo.

Each stone and crystal in Siendo’s collection has been mindfully selected to synchronize with a special blend of essential oils; a formulation that creates a magical synergy.  By magnetizing, wearing and taking care of the stones, one creates the potential for the stones to connect to the mineral component within the Self, thereby generating harmony and stability in the body.

This dynamic couple of nature—stones and essential oils—aids in the ongoing challenge of balancing the forces of our polarities and inner struggles.

A deep connection between Mother Earth and the physical body helps us feel safe and secure in our own bodies and on our planet. This is the reason why Siendo pairs essential oils with the ancestral and mystical powers of stones.

connect . wear . magnetize. 
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