Bach Flower Therapy


Bach Flower Therapy

A holistic approach to treatment.

Bach Flower Remedies treat the current emotional state of an individual by improving his or her emotional balance in a gentle way.

Originally formulated by Dr. Edward Bach, the essences are extracted from flowers, trees, and other plants. The Bach Flower Remedies concentrate on the vibrational energy of the plant, in recognition of the strong connection between emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

The essences are unique. They do not treat disease, but rather, heal the Personality at the center of the disease. In other words, the Bach Flowers act as a form of a stimulus, reconnecting Soul qualities with the Personality at the point where it was interrupted. Once connection has been regained, the Soul is able to communicate to the Personality aspect again. Healing returns to the area where disharmony and blockages had taken over.

Bach Flower Remedies are completely safe for anyone to use, including children, pregnant women, pets, and plants. They are pure, non-toxic, non-habit-forming, simple, yet highly-effective. Treatment with Bach Flowers can be combined with other homeopathic or conventional treatments.

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Services we provide:

Bach Therapy for People – an invitation to heal yourself, your family, and your child 

The essences work on the person and not the cause of the problem. Thus, we need to understand this concept and adjust our minds to this type of treatment. As Bach Flower therapist and pharmacist, Yeo Soo Hwa describes it, “To understand the essences is to understand ourselves and to begin a process of self-discovery, of learning how to restore and empower true health in every way.”

Throughout the history of humanity, we have been longing for connection and desire to become whole again. The yearning for finding oneself has never diminished. Every thought, every action, every step towards knowledge and enlightenment is an expression of the need to reconnect with our true nature. The opposite actualizes when we wander off from our path. Our life and our world become a reflection of our mis-creations. Making a mindful choice to align ourselves with our truth, values, and natural essence becomes a-must-do process to reinstate and maintain good emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health.

Bach Flowers remedies are offered as an alternative way to heal the individual, the family, the children, and the many challenges they face. The essences serve as an important form of self-help therapy for restoring healthy relationships back into one’s life.

The Bach flower essences also help in dealing with different personality types and resolving common issues. When using the essences, we look at the personality traits that provoke emotional conflict and stress to the parent, for example. We utilize the essences to heal children’s emotional imbalance and negative behavior, and offer them a positive opportunity to tap into their full-potential.

It is highly recommended that parents seeking to help their children through Bach Flower remedies that they take the remedies as well. This an essential part of the healing process for the entire family.

As a parent, your responsibility is to love, protect, and provide a safe, nurturing environment for your child to live a healthy life. I offer you guidance and support to you and your family by working with you and creating a sacred space that will embrace and provide the necessary elements for your home to prosper in a wholesome way. I welcome your call so we can setup a plan of action that is suitable for your needs.


Bach Therapy for Pets > restore the wellness of your beloved animals with flower essences

Animals have emotions just as humans do. At times, we are unable to understand why our pet is acting out, depressed, or disengaged.

The essences work primarily on the mental and emotional levels, helping to balance and soothe the current state of the animal. Bach Rescue Remedies can be used for a calming effect in any stressful situation, or when your pet needs help overcoming emotional or behavioral problems.

Animals enjoy these gentle, non-toxic remedies, and respond quickly and positively to them.

Learn more how your pet can benefit from Bach Flower Remedies and book your sessions today.



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