Space Clearing

Space Clearing

Space Clearing is an integral and vital healing practice for welcoming new beginnings and assisting you during significant life transitions. It is an ancient sacred technique to clean the environment, people, and pets from negative or lower energies. It is also considered an excellent practice before moving into a new home or business, launching a new project, or celebrating the birth of a baby.

Space clearing is also another method for blessing your home or business. It is very useful for releasing blockages and transmuting energy to welcome peace, harmony, and prosperity back into your life.

Four Steps to Space Clearing

The energy of your space can become a beacon of Light within the vast universe. Your home receives energy from the multitude of forces that surround it as well as sends out its own energy, strength, and magnetism. After a Feng Shui and/or Space Clearing session, it can become a collecting and transmitting point of love and peace in time and space. Your home will attract clarity and goodness of the universe and vibrate those qualities to your environment and the world you live in.

There are four important steps to Space Clearing:

  1. Preparation – having a clear intention and doing spiritual and physical exercises (prayer, fast, shower, etc.)
  2. Purification – performing Space Clearing techniques
  3. Invocation – consecrating and sanctifying the energy of your space
  4. Preservation – utilizing living objects such as crystals, plants, candles to conserve the overall intention of the clearing

Your Space Clearing Specialist will guide you through the process so the techniques for clearing your home (or office) can provide beneficial results.

Transform your home to a Sacred Space where more love, peace, healing, and prosperity can thrive in your life. 

A Space Clearing blessing is highly recommended at the end of a Feng Shui assessment. On-Site Space Clearing sessions and blessing ceremonies currently available in the Houston, Austin and surrounding areas.

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