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Feng Shui

In-person, online, and phone consultations 

Are there areas in your life that need tender, loving care?

Discover how specific areas of your home are contributing to your health issues, relationships, family dynamics, career advances, finances, and overall well-being and how you can improve the quality of your life by practicing the art of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is an ancient design system based on the flow of energy through the environment, the home, or office. By learning to evaluate the vibrational patterns of the environment, it assists you in tapping into a new approach to understanding, working, and balancing energy flow in your space.

When is a good time for Feng Shui?

  • When you’re moving into a new home or office
  • When you’re in a relationship, career, family, or health transition
  • When you’re seeking to create a healing environment for self-love and self-care
  • When you’re ready to welcome new beginnings into your life
  • When you’re ready to reclaim your space

Ready to get started? Here’s a list of materials needed prior to your consultation >

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Transform your space and cultivate more love, peace, healing, and prosperity in your life.

If you are seeking a better quality of life, yearning to reclaim your space, or simply welcoming new opportunities for growth and expansion, contact Patsy, to create a plan tailored for your needs.

Patsy Balacchi is a Certified BTB (Black Sect Tibetan Tantric Buddhism) International Feng Shui Consultant. With her successful background in Graphic Design and Visual Arts, she is able to integrate her expertise and creativity with the wisdom and time-proven method of the art of placement. 

Patsy offers a unique combination of wholistic, empowering modalities, intrinsic wisdom, innate gifts, and hands-on experience that supports you, your children, your family, and the environment you live in.

In-person consultations currently available in Houston, Austin, and surrounding areas. Patsy is also available for speaking engagements. Hablamos español.

“Although I had been familiar for Feng shui and practiced simple principles, I was moved by the breadth and extent of Patsy’s greater understanding and application of precise “cures” to the significant challenges I was at the time facing.
I firmly believe that her wisdom and practical tasks began the chain of powerful and rapid transformation that led me to sell my home, separate from an unhealthy marriage and move my children to a new state where our lives began to thrive.”
~ Adora Winquist, ADORAtherapy Founder & Formulator

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Ready to get started? A conversation is always welcome. Connect with us to plan your consultation.

Patsy is also available for speaking engagements in English and Spanish in your workplace, or in a more intimate group setting. Connect with Patsy for details.

Consultation Fees
Fees vary depending on the size of your home, office, or building, and if assessed in-person or online. Fees also vary if additional services such as Space Clearing and Bach Flower Therapy are requested.

“When Patsy cleared the energy in my apartment, it was a very therapeutic assistance that helped me through a most difficult time.” ~ Sheila Elias Taplin